First Friday Scoop 

I was in a grocery store picking up Dairy products and normally people are more relaxed just like the way in the photo. 
Today on the First Friday of December it was different people were rushing from one aisle to another. It could be people stocking up as first snow is expected on Sunday.  
I came in between in that foot traffic and an elderly woman said in a real upset voice no one is letting me go and I backed up and let her go with smile. 

I totally forgot about the incident. When I was leaving the store after paying the cashier. A soft voice came from the back tapping on my shoulder saying – I am really sorry for talking to you in a high tone , I am really going through bad day.  

I smiled like just the way I did before and said – we all have bad days. Hope you feel better soon and Take Care 😊 and she smiled back and said Thank You and GOD bless. 


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