Goal for December 

Chicago is not a right place to have your outdoor activities Goal.

I don’t want to have an excuse in December to have a Goal just because of being a Chicagoans.

Last year,  when I made my run Public and let me be clear what Public means. It simply means friends and family come to know about my run as I either post or blog or both. There are an advantage and disadvantage of going public reason when people in parties don’t have anything better to talk they will drag you into the run talk which does not mean much if you are just taking and not running.

On a brighter side, I have seen many people getting motivated because of my blog and started running on their own.

Well, this year I want to do 100 miles of running in December. So far I have covered 10.2 miles and 89.8 miles to run.

Anyone for 100 miles run or walk or both in days left in 2016, yes or no leave me a comment.

See you on track or treadmill or both!


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