Mata Ki Chowki 

Today, on the first Saturday of the month we are invited for Mata Ki Chowki. 

This event starts at 7PM and goes till 10PM followed by Prasadam and Dinner. 

We have been going to this event since last three years and it has been very blessing experience. Kids sits with us and if they get friends they may go out in the temple corridor and come back to check upon us and then will be part of the Aarthi.

This Saturday it’s been slightly different as kids has early dinner as they skipped one meal and their Mummy has given instruction to eat at least one Poori in the late night in the Mandir. Let’s see if they follow the instructions.  

Mata Ki Chowki is performed every  1st and 3rd Saturday. There are group of 5 devotees family who come together to workshop and they invite their friends and family. It starts with Puja, Bhajans, Bhog, Invitees getting tread on their hands from Panditji, Aarthi , Prasad and then Dinner. It could be 5 hours event if you reach at 7 PM. 

Durga Maa is the main deity for worship and all other GODs are rememembed and invited. All who does this has blessed life. Maa Durga has really helps in easing our life and thoughts and helps in achieving our goal in life.


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