2 More Minutes 

The first question early in the bone chilling morning of Chicago, “Can I please get two more minutes to sleep?”

What would you do when you hear this question?

Well three quick ABC for me:

A: First thing wish I had slept myself two more minutes or

B: Why did not I send them to bed on time last night.

C: Am I ready for the day!

There could be many things which would come at that point of a question as My ABC above.

Instead of wandering I thought let me focus on C and compose my thoughts for the day. The reason, I just woke up without being thankful to GOD and without thinking how to tackle the day.

Well, that 120 seconds gave me to unify my Mind and Body! The list of things accomplished.

1. Thank GOD

2. Quick Glance on Things to do both physically and mentally

3. Dry run of the Challenge 5K Run

4. Follow up on plans and new initiatives

5. Kids School Activities

6. Checking on how to keep staying  connected with Family and Friends, and

7. Make sure I start waking them in 2 minutes.

My Stop Watch reminded after 120 seconds.

Now the question, ” Was it easy waking up them after 2 minutes?

No of course not reason Newton’s law applies here too.

Anyways, we had to do rest of other habitual things in a timely fashion as all buffer we have were used resting extra for 120 seconds…

PS: I recently read a book one can make or break a good or bad habit in 40 continuous days. Check it for oneself.


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