Just Saying

The most heard two words today is ‘Just Saying’!

This is not what I ever told to my kids and they are not always with me as they are in schools and I am in office. 

The environment does play role in our day to day activities. I am ‘just saying’, see now I am also caught up .

A day full of activities and two worth mentioning :

1. Tennis Men’s Single. It was challenging game. I can get back to my real form with practice that’s the feedback – a touch up is what needed to be on a winner side. 

2. A magical evening. A magic show at school was real fun and on top of that my younger one was selected to be an assistant of a magician.  The reason he was selected he was listening attentively. 

Power of listening had its own reward reason if we listen it shows we are going to get the work done. 

Many a times we listen to react which basically takes us no where and when we listen to respond , it actually turns out to be win win win situation for all of us. 

‘Just saying’ there is a Power of Magic in Listening. 


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