Slow Start and Finishing Strong 

Today, starting my run on a treadmill with a goal to be on it for an hour did not have a good start. Let me take it back, I started good then felt did not have energy or feel good to go all the way at a pace of 6:00. The good thing I wanted to be there for an hour and this changed everything. 

A thought came let me do the interval runs. One minute at a pace of 6 and another minute at a pace of 4.2. This worked out good for  first 10 minutes and started giving me right thoughts and energy. Slowly increased the speed and intervals of running more and lesser on less speed. 

The first milestone of 5K was achieved and it was no were close to my personal records or any average 5K run of mine. But this gave me enough boast and I changed my speed and continued running and it made me forget about my slow start.

 The goal seemed to be in a visible range. Also, my running seemed to be unified and what I mean – mind and body is tuned to finish what I thought of in my mind. 

At 59:59 my high space run slower down and got extra 2 minutes to walk. In 1 hour 2 minutes covered total distance of 6:27 miles.  

Well, moral of the run is you may start slow or you may not feel like running but if you have a goal in mind you will be able to finish strong. 

Go for Goal! 


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