A Tale of Two 5 K’s 

This is my first two 5 K’s in a day and blame it to a bad weather reason I wanted to achieve something good. 


1st one in 28:50 ; 479 Cal; Avg. 9:16

2nd one in 29:36; 483 Cal; Avg. 9:31 

Well, I knew my second one will take longer time but wanted to better in Calaories burned. Goal Accomplished. 

Why two 5 K’s in a day reason wanted to write something and thought why not run and write about it. This  run of today not only gave something to write but convey a message. A bad weather is just an excuse and the best way to beat that is by doing something different and unique to self. 

Take Away:

1. If you are internally happy external force or factor will be minimal or none for instance cold weather of Chicago. 

2. Do something different even if it’s of same kind and call it A Tale of two ——( Fill up the blank)


3. By doing you achieve – be an achiever. 



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