You’ve Got Mail

There are 1000 of email well 1000 would be an exaggerated number but quite a few hundred mail every day and there is ALWAYS one email which you are waiting to be in your Inbox.

Background: Chicago Marathon has the whole of November for marathon runners to fill their applicants. They do a lottery on 13th December and send (e)mails for all who have been selected based on the information filled in the applications.

Out of so many emails when I first checked my Inbox – I was half sleeping and half awake the first thing I see on the subject – You have got a guaranteed entry for Chicago Marathon for October 8, 2017.

First thing came to my mind – Thank GOD the first step is good and to make the second Marathon great – the training has to be very disciplined so that my finish line is 4:15. There are 298 days left and a proper full marathon is 16 weeks training.

To celebrate my selection after a full day of the workshop where most of the time it was more of speaking, seating and snacking -a thought came why not spend 90 minutes of me -time.

This 90 minutes after so many carbs from the whole day was an easy 9:34 miles. While running I get to watch Shark Tank on the treadmill TV and some of them were innovative ideas. Really, loved it especially kids designing the ice cream cone, both run and program ended at the same time.

The best part after burning so much of carbs, paneer the paratha was waiting on the dining table. Believe the celebration to be continued…


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