Lunch Date 

Today, it so happened I forgot my lunch box at home. Around 12’ish felt hungry as most of my colleagues were eating their lunch – some on their desk, some inside the kitchen. 

I got a call from home stating come for lunch and its Dosa Crepe. Only caveat to it you will have to pick kids reason it’s kind of very cold.  Thought such a nice lunch better than eating vegetarian from the cafteria which only has Vegie Tortillas. 

What else got myself and my work home and had warm Masala Dosa and yes I did pick up the kids from the schools. 

This Masala Dosa comes under fast food but is an enablers food for runners. I knew two things eating this my work from home will get done quicker and second my goal of nine miles will be an easy one in the treadmill. 



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