It’s cold and obvious its December and has to be or else we would say it’s Global Warming. ( I almost typed Warning and corrected after doing Preview). 

Today after my Date with my Running Coach which was full body excerise after brief warming of body on Stairmaster. Just climbed 35 floors. 

After that everthing which looks hard was easy and the side walking squat which looked easy was one of the hardest.

 From the magazine Compititor two things I want to take and they are : 

 1. “Running is generally a linear forward movement, which can lead to weaknesses in other planes of motion,” says Tyler McCandless, a Newton-sponsored athlete with personal bests of 2:15 in the marathon and 1:03 in the half marathon. “A strong set of glutes makes a big difference in preventing injuries.”

2. Gluteal muscles can provide a massive propulsive force that enables us to run fast and efficiently by waking up the hamstrings, another powerful—and important—set of muscles. There are plenty of glute-strengthening exercises out there that can get your butt into shape, but one of the most effective is the lateral squat walk with a resistance band.

After my work out I had to go and get Chicken with 4 legs ( The story coming out shortly).  The grocer gave me this Tea which they make it with three different kind of leaves and while I was sipping this Tealisious – he was explaining about benefit of Olive.  

All three ended at the same time – knowledge about Olive, Tea and time to take Chiken With 4 Legs. 

Till next…


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