House and Home 

We could not go on the House Warming Party as it coincided with our vacation on the Beach. So, last night we went to congratulate on their brand new house. 

This house we have seen while it was being built and when we entered it really looked very beautiful inside and out. I believe that’s what make a house a home. 

The new house has its own charm and you can customize according to your taste and need. They did take advantage of it in full.  

Kids had good time playing in the loft. We did enjoy some story shared over tea and snacks. Finally, we had dinner and it was very traditional Fish and Rice. Deserts and Ice creams made its own way in the stomach. 

By the time we started it was already a new day. Thank GOD it did not snow much as predicted but road back our home was cleaned on some part and not so cleaned on other part. One has to be extra careful and drive based on the road condition.  

For this year our checklist of all house warming party which we missed is done. 



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