The Birthday Party 

Well the birthday party was planned for 11th of December and we had to postponed becuase of snow storm. 

Postponing was not an easy process reason we had to postponed cakes , first send cancellation, a new invitation with a new date followed by phone calls. Many guest changed reason they were not available on a new date and also many who were not available then, they could make it on a new date. It worked out very well.

Today, on our way we had to pick my birthdays boy friend and a cake. We found that his friend to be an intelligent and also some more about their family. The best part when they were playing some game about telling a story about three pigs in their own way , my little one who was listening very attentively pointed to his elder brother of a point which really ensured us why he has got two appreciation prize of a good listener. 

In the adventures party area all kids had good fun and they enjoyed the laser tags, two rides and tokens game. The laser tag was a big hit among them as they won against the teenager of other birthday group and the second most liked game would be playing on tokens where you get tickets. Those tickets leads you to price of your own choice. 

Total fun over cake and pizza. Hope they love their returns gift. 



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