Story of assembly of the Treadmill 

Few months back when Sports Authority was closing, a store associate gave his card in case I may need repair on my bike, tennis racket or anything related to sports. It sounded good and kept the card in my jacket. 

I totally forgot about it and infact last summer my bike needed new tires. I was looking for this store associate contact number but could not find his business card. I went to a different bike store and got both tires and tune changed for a 100 dollars. I sure would have saved some money. 

Last night, I found the business card and called him if he could assemble treadmill. The answer was affirmative and we fixed the day , time and price. 

The expected and actual time to assemble was same. It was one man show from opening the box to assemble and keep it to the space to walk or run. 

I tested and then rest of the family members. Hope everyone of us get some walk in this Chicago winter which was today even colder than Mars. 

Got Treadmill assembled – from a Lost and Found A B C ( A Business Card). 


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