6  Things with Smart Phone

Today, I forgot to carry my phone charger and thankfully my phone was charged 100% as I started my work.  I was forced to switch my work as battery totally drained out from phone to laptop. 

I noticed 6 things which this phone helps us to do and not in any particular order. They are:

1. Colleague, Client and Customer calls. Sometime I have to message them if they are calling me when I am already talking by pressing the customized message – On call, will call later.  Multitasking! 

2. Texting during and Off hours are mostly  for example if you need some quick answer and turn around or to find the status.  Without disturbing! 

3. Today we are global and Whatsapp call is more convenient way to connect from team members from different continent or region. Free when using Wifi or just cellular data without paying premium! 

4. Add Call to conference which is part of 1 and thus many people can get into conference for brainstorming. Instant Conference!

5.  The company apps is a quick tools which helps in retrieving information. Other alternative is to use phone browser. Apps Rule! 


6. Email – The subject and content has to be powerful. The screen size is reduced and so is people attention span. Action/Information/Question/Answer! 

Well, that’s the power of smart phone which lets you do so many things. 

Now, the work does not finish even if your battery of phone is dead. You have to come down to old ways and use your laptop, landlines. The landlines are good as the voice quality is great and there is no static and best thing they know where you are unless you have forwarded your call. Anyway this day outcome of work is more important than whereabouts. Result Oriented!


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