Cheesy Day 

How would you sum up your day asked my younger one? Two words which came quick to my mind and to my mouth was – Cheesy Day!

He laught and asked sound very cheesy. Why do you say so?  

Well, it’s all related to lunch where I had cheese omelette with bread. Wait a minute that sounds more like a breakfast. I said yes but that’s what I had for my lunch reason in morning already had cereal. Humn interesting. He added I know about dinner reason we all had a slice of pizza.

The pizza was not planned reason we were shopping and it turned out to be a good option to have something quick reason other two planned stores closing timing was approaching. 

Apart from food my 5K was real good in terms of timing 26:10. While coming from office stopped to a car dealership to see Infiniti QX60 – a certified one and test drove a new one as other car was not cleaned from the snow. Few things – Functionality of the SUV good and does not look very bulky unlike other 7 seater. Also they have 0.9% APR for 36 months. Now, real question I have how should negotiations happen to be below 30K. Yet to find!  


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