Importance of Stretch

My coach has set a goal for me and its sub 4 and a.k.a 3:59. 

To achieve the goal of 3:59 there are four muscle needs to be worked upon and they are not in any particular order – Core, Glutes , Hamstrings and Calves. 

All my Excercise today was focused on above four. Some I did well and some I have to practice. Apart from above in my question of the Excercise I asked why I am not able to touch my toe by bending my body. This could be because of two reasons – either my hamstring is not long enough or core is small. My follow up question – what should I do to make it happen. Simple is stretching both legs against the wall after finishing up workouts or otherwise and then second is swing from the monkey bar. 

I did both of those stretch and felt the importance too reason many times after workouts it’s just rushing out of the gym. This is not good. I have promised myself to make stretching part of workouts and one day I am going to touch my own feet

The countdown begins…



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