My first 2 Mi 

It took almost a month or two to get our Treadmill assembled. The reasons were many and onr worth mentioning is we were trying to find friends’ who could help us to assemble it. It’s easier said then done reason we friends do not do it so often and second these are huge even though you just have to put and screw it. 

Long story short I had a business card of a person who used to work in sports authority and I have taken his help to fix my bicycle.  I called and luckily he was assemble to Come very next day. It took approx 1.5 hours and ready for walk. 

It’s been 6 days now and everyone else at home has been using it on and off except me.

Today, being a Christmas and we all woke up late because of wonderful Eve we had did not motivate me to go out.  Also, we have visitor at home who go us Deoghar Kaa Prashad. It was good afternoon with lunch followed by Tea.

Late afternoon took some time to setup X Box and track for a race car. Still, had minutes left so thought why not walk on treadmill. I was barefoot at the pace of 3 which helped me complete 1 miles in 20 minutes and thus thought would do 2 miles so I get the topic for the day , ” My first 2 Mi”. 




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