The X 

Today, while trying to find the gift which my kids where looking for was available both online and in the store. 

Online the gift would have arrived for the new year and I was looking for the X’Mas and since it was X Box it was more important to get it today.

I called the store to make sure it’s available even though I knew it is and they said Yes. Before leaving I called again if they can hold for me and they said no as its not in their policy. 

I drove and reached the store and found many available and took it. Got the gift and left under the Christmas Tree of our house.

In evening we had X’mas party and one of us has to become the Santa. I recommend and he really become hit. Apart from potluck food we had photo sessions, games for adults and kids, it was full fun activities. Every one loved it and also the Santa. Santa even danced and it did bring lot of joys on X’mas and hope XBox is also loved by kids



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