After Christmas Day

The date is 26th December and being a holiday because 25th fell on Sunday it was more relaxed and easy on food. 

Some of us wake up on a regular time even if we sleep way late in the night. I am one of them and thus took easy on food. I believe that was the best part apart from walking  2 miles and 25 minutes of Ellipitical along with 30 push-ups. 

We went to do some grocery and we skipped lunch and all of us kind of controlled on our food intake. There was some demand of buying food from outside and we did not so we took early dinner followed by hot milk. 

Kids wanted to play monopoly and they are still enjoying in X Box as I am writing this After Christmas Day. Persistent is key to success and maintain your portfolio has become  common to them listening many times. 

Take away for today – be mindful on intake of food at parties, break the conversations if it’s going in one directions, and take it easy after party. 



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