The 362 day of 2016

As year is coming to an end there has been many thing which was brand new and there were many things which I did not except but still was part of 2016.

Health of Parents:

I personally think their aging process is accelerated because of many reasons and few I can think of 

1. Kids not staying in their dream house and 

2. Papa focusing too much on how to make more money quickly which kind of did not happen. In fact he lost more than he made it reason he borrowed few from his kids. 

Journey from One Doctors to another:

The society also played role in a negative way with their comments which kind of hurted my mother heart and mind. She had nervous breakdown and for which I have to bring her to Delhi. Rañchi treatment was more of an experiment or Q & A . If this take or else. 

Journey from one Hospital to another: 

In Delhi first I felt she was getting better than we admitted she got HID ( Hospital Induced Disease) and it started with pneumonia and then ICU and the we did not have any control – whatever they said we kept doing and most common was just paying the bills. 

The Doctor from the first hospital said to transfer to the next multifunctional hospital. We had no choice and do as told, even from booking our own Ambulance. 

It’s peak traffic and Ambulance has to fill the petrol/ deisel on its way. That was a big surprise for everyone of us and even the oxygen cylinder needs to be changed. 

Finally, we reached the Emergency and the whole process took around 4 hours and it was very late. Since, our cousin was with us we went to his house. Before that again payment and payment. If you don’t have money it would be very difficult to even get admission.

We ate, slept very late and came back again in the morning. I stayed and then in evening took Metra to cousins place and this I kept doing for 10-15 days. Mummy was in ICU and one thing I could see that was not a place she wanted to be and we did not have any choice. 

Finally, she came out of ICU with grace of GOD and we stayed in a room for few days and then came to Noida. The whole process was overwhelming  including Mummy. Please note Papa was also transferring Money and that was not enough. 

Well, finally came back to US. One promise which remained unfulfilled is to take Mummy out from elder brothers place in the month of December. My eldest brother did not showed any interest telling he has his own problem at home. This has really divided three brothers and it’s very painful to one person and it’s my Mummy. 

It’s not every house of Mummy kids has peace and I am sure her not being happy affects the house vibes. I have plan to bring her in summer as winter would be too cold for her. 

I pray to GOD to bring positive vibes in everyone house of my parents. They had good time except last few years when one of the tenant had given problem. When that problem was gone , my Dad’s to get rich ruined lot of things mainly not taking care of their health. 


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