Rest, Dark Chocolate , Walk and Repeat 

Last few days because of not sleeping on time for all the holidays party – I got hit by cough. A severe one which basically keep you from all activities. 

I wanted to come back to normal routine of sleeping and running.  Both of it kind of suffered so made a plan – Rest , Eat Dark Chocolate, walk and repeat. I have been doing this for last two days and my plan is to run on Thursday which is tomorrow. Let me see if this helps. 

The Wednesday has been good and test drove on QX60 of 2014 with 24 K priced at 32K. I offered 29K and they came to 31K with 3K for trade. I think if it comes back I may go and buy the car on Friday. Will wait and watch. 

Fixed the Minecraft game for kids and they are happy and playing the game. 

Did read one article about I can’t and you basically cut the ‘t and it becomes I can. The author Gordon has taken an example of Fauji Singh who ran marathon at age of 100. He convinced himself at 52 if 100 years old can run why can’t he half his age can run. It’s basically finding a role model and say I can. 


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