2016 or 2017 and it’s the same deal

Today, after work I connected many dealers to find if there is any promotions going on their 2016 model. Many said yes and some asked me to come. I had also filled online for dealers who I could not call. 

Now, here is a story. The dealer who I called asked me to come and check on their 2016 model. I checked and came to my price of 41K and their 42.5K. I even told 42K and they said it would be tough and then I asked for a time as I had to go take receipts from my handyman for the rental property. Meantime, the online request dealer called me and told him I am almost closing on the deal of 2016 and he told me why settle for 2016 come to their dealership and they are ready to give me similar deal on 2017. 

I drove 2017 and liked it. Called my wife and asked about it and since she was not well said we should go for Lexus. This dealer even agree to pay 5000 for trade in for my Lexus RX if I take the car today. I showed him the text between my wife and I about Lexus. 

I said if I have to come and buy this one my wife presence is important as its not going to happen over phone or text. 

Thus the best offer of my Lexus of RX 300 was today and let see what turns out to be tomorrow. 


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