140041 a palindromic no. 

The odometer of my SUV came to 140041 while coming from the gym. There has been many instances and have taken photo of palindromic no. 

Just to refresh a palindromic number is a number that is the same when written forwards or backwards. 

Now, why this note reason last night I was at a dealer where there was a very stunning negotiations ( at least to me). Here is why?

A. I was getting my fav combination of colors, family pack and 8% less on MSRP. I wanted 10% but that kind of came on a different way. 

B. The loan with zero down for 5 years or 60 months was at 1.9% APR. Still, I wanted to do 25% down to keep monthly installments look and feel good to the wallet. 


C. After doing above fixed, I asked if they want to buy my SUV and they looked at it and offered one of the best 3K and when I told it has everything new go and test drive and then bumped it to 4K and finally to 5K. 

Well, gave a call home for them to come and see what new for the garage I am buying and need their blessings. The topic went in a different directions and why this brand. I thought I had left the brochure for them to read but guess who reads these days!

The reason why a new was not purchased because then this article would have never written. 



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