The 2016 Retrospective

2 Things

Two things comes to my mind for passing 2016 – a] Dare to attempt new things and b] maintained from the previous year. 

Tan Man Dhan:

In Hindi in our prayers we say Tan Ban And Dhan Sab hai Tera to GOD. I pray to GOD everyday to have balance on all three of Body, Mind and Money. 

New Things for 2016:

This year I attempted two new things – 94th floor climb of John Hancock and Full Marathon of Naperville. Both required practice and did it well when it was over. 

Repeat of 2015:

The 30 Miles of bike ride at Lakeshore Drive was new but as I had done 50 miles in door county in 2015. This lakeshore had its pure bliss of mother nature , man architecture skyscrapers on other side. 

The half marathon and this time it was my 4th year in Wisoconsin. The last mile was tough reason could be none but two which comes to my mind is 30 miles per hour and did not practice after my India trip. 


In between we made some road trip and especially the Michigan was memorable as a family we did Ziplinning. The best was fear of my first jump even though all secured things were attached, still your mind holds you to fear. As they say only fear you have to fear is fear itself. 


Did some long run and which helped in attempting first full marathon. I was trying to get out of my own comfort zone. Wrote blogs and many people got inspired.  Two weeks before the marathon signed Naperville Marathon.


The idea of My untold story and it’s called DHONI – ( Determination, Hours, Oxygen, Nutrition and Invest) came when the movie was released.

As mentioned, I had thought of this title when the movie was released and then after a week I have signed that I need to write and for which I should do something new and different. The attempt was after thought of article to be written.  Believe both came out very nicely. 

I had two health related issue – 1. Stomach upset in Kolkata it could be because of over eating. On top of it took glucose which was not a good advice. 2. Dry cough on the last week of December. This could be because running , being out in cold and party food. Getting better as I write and lesson learned – don’t over do it even of those kid of food is rare. 

Photo: The last GYM of 2016, 31st Dec. 

Man translate as Mind:

After Body , comes Mind and this year all body work I have been doing made my mind to create something and it’s all about writing which is key to express. 

 Also, did some good and new reading and my most favorite book is The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma. This book I purchased from footpath of Metra Station called City Center of  Gurgoan. I will be writing similar book in coming years. The intellectual expansion of my brain and mind is what my next goal is for 2017.  

Dhan aka Money:

Money is the third and to give it more sense I would call it Finance. The outcome of this is being affluent which helps all above two plus other three  – 1. Taking care of aging parents specially their emotional and health being. Visiting them more often and being with them. GOD willing this has to happen more.  2. Taking care of Family for their needs, wants, studies, extra activities after school, vacations, do fun with them as they grow pretty fast.  3. Invest on new study/hobby/create extra income.

I personally believe it has been good year – we did enroll in roller blades, swimming, soccer and of al the best was soccer for kids.  One was awarded good goal keeper and second was the best listener from the team. 

On a rental property had a loss reason the tenants Splits and it costed me one month rent plus empty house for a month , maintenance cost and agent cost. Got lucky reason some one was looking as they moved out of state. Still the total loss has been 5K plus. It could have been more worse but Thank GOD it stopped .

On work front less travel as most of the visits were made to local office. Some one travelled. Some bills could not submit as got loss. 

Looking Forward:


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