My prediction for 2017- People will read more 

Today, when reached library the parking lot was full. The first thing which came to my mind – year of 2017 will be the resolution of reading more.  

I plan to read one new book every week and watch a movie too. 

Today, I started 500 to see before they dispear. There few temples in which I wanted to see from childhood and will see in coming years. Khajarao is one and Ajanta Ellora is another. 

The second thing about the day is hair cut for one of the kid and second we did not do reason he was feeling cold.  May be all those parities and not enough good timely sleep would have triggered high temperature. 

Today I also wanted to run outside but could lot do it. Reason it wa cold and I had already done my excerise. 

Went to a store to buy a Kinect and they did not have but they suggest to buy online. 

In news they say be part of 8% who does nor break resolution. 


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