New in 2017 – Day 1

Today the good thing between watching Sun Rise and Sun Set did my first 5K of this year and started re-learning about 2000 years old Yoga. 

The terms are not new but their meaning are deep and they are :

1. Yama – No to lie, steal, be violent or greedy. 

2. Niyama – Observing ( be content, be clean, Excercise,do something new that burns out impurities, study with wise teachers, get your attention to present time). 

3. Asana -Move

4. Pranayama- Yogic breathing ( energy management or energy control). 

5. Pratyahara – will come to this one later. 

The other thing which I got theoretical knowledge about Surya Namaskar. The book say we need to do 7 times – will start this on Sunday. 

Well, above is all about body and other two elements are mind and money. Read about how to look and behave smart by doing 10 things which author mentioned in his article. Don’t order drinks when you are with potential hirer in lunch or dinner stands out most from other nine. 

The last one about Money – I started a small automatic weekly saving from one account to another and hope to see the progression.  They say if you save 25 dollars per week and in seven years it will be 7500 dollars. That’s like a nice money to go some place – just saying. 

Last but not least played some X Box game with kidos. 

Writing off for today, see you tomorrow. 


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