Thursday Tennis 

By invitation to play Tennis and it happens for two reason 1. when one of them are either traveling or can’t make it because of personal reason, and 2. I am good.

Once upon a time Tennis was my primary sports and everything secondary.  Things changed so is priority and for brief or long period of time there was no one thing dedicated. 

My last game of Tennis a serious one would have ended in 2006 and after that few miles of running, biking and walking. The serious come back of any physical activity was 2010 of 10 miles running for Nandi to generate money for girls education in India. 

A major turn came in 2013 after signing of Half Marathon, continued the same in 2014 , 2015 year of two half marathons, 50 miles of biking and 2016 – 94 floors climbing, half marathon, 30 miles of lakeshore biking, and full marathon plus bonus of getting invitation to play Tennis. 

Today, it was interesting and challenging game 5:7, 1:1. We could play this much and time was over.

I would sum up as selfie before the game, good serve and some powerful passing shots. 




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