The 1st Saturday of 2017

Saturday’s are meant for extra sleeping and specially in Winter when temperatures are below zero degree it’s a uphill battle to come out of the comforters. 

I had two reasons to sleep more one mentioned above and second workouts with my trainer on Friday which made muscles sores. 

But, there was third reason which was making me wake up a bright sunshine. I got up and ready with multiple layers to drive to the Gym.

 In gym there is one treadmill where you will get ample amount of Sun. See the selfie below :

The two miles which took 30 minutes was like walking under the bright Sun. Believe got all my Vitamin D for the week and all soreness was gone reason it was pure simple walk which also helped in clear my mind. 

Next, I wanted to do planks set of three. First one 90 seconds and rest like a minute each. Plank is great to help core intact. 

Also, did set of 3 push-ups of 10 each. The benefit of this you use your body weight and more you do more of fat gets converted to muscle and thus total weight remain unchanged. 

And, the last for the day before getting out of Gym was to punch the punching bag. 

Take away, how lazy one may feel in the morning once you start to do some physical activities it may not be as planned or intense as you thought of but it could be better than doing nothing. 






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