To Post Or Not To Post 

Today while working on my cores, glutes, hamstrings – there was one thing my trainer asked me to do for which there is a 15 seconds video. ( Posted at the end) 

To do this excerise – a resistant band, dumbbell was must and you have to widen your legs while coming down which would help hamstrings and other part of will help Glutes. Two things at a time. I wanted this for my fellow runners to try so shared the video in the Facebook and hence the title to Post or not to post. The video if you see for all practical purpose it serves what’s it meant for and could have been re taken to make it more attractive. 

There is lot many discussion which has triggered from the post mostly positively. There will always a negative vibe and that has to be ignored.  

The other thing which I need to improve on is my energy management or energy control and it will come with right breathing techniques. I tried pranayama and stretching in the evening. It’s all matter of practice and will continue on a regular basis. 

Invest on you and inspires others is my mantra along with to post and keep posting. 


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