My first 6.66 in 2K17

Today, was not different than other days. You wake up, thank GOD, get ready for excerise and read through some updates of Friends and Family on Facebook, some updates in Whatsapp. Some are informative, some are good through to go once and some could be negative. 

Well, it’s a social media and everyone has ways to say things – how one takes it is all about the situation you : a] to react or b]to respond or c] hold it for sometime to do a analysis. 

I try to avoid react and respond is my next thing and if I need self help for analysis running comes to me handy. 

Talking of running today my planned run was 3.1 miles and it went well but I could not get answer to my question. I kept going and by 1 hour and 5 minutes reached the total distance of 6.66 miles. This helped me in three things 1.] First long run of 2K17 2.] Clarity of stituation to handle it with more data and 3.] What would I have done in the same situation. Cutting off is not an option I would have choosen for reason it just shuts off all the communication.  

The solutions of problem is yet to be discussed and get the results. GOD will take care of it and GOD will give me strength to also help in the stituation that’s my FAITH with my GOD. 

The Sunday was good as we had birthday celebration where foods where so called healthy but if you eat more than the whole purpose is failed. I had control diet so happy for it. 


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