Waking Up Early 

One of the thing mentioned to make 2017 great is to wake up early. Today, it so happened felt fresh when saw the time in the morning and it was 5:30 am. A thought came why not wake up now and make it a title for my writing. I have been reading many successful people has many good habits and one of it is waking up early. 

Today got up and  thought since school is opening after winter break, I should go for excerise early and come back for them to get ready and mean time will be able to do my morning worship before they leave for the day.

 It exactly happened as planned at least the morning rituals from excercise, worshiping and dropping to school. The best part was while coming from the gym – looking at the Mother Nature and photo below says it all, ” A treat to eyes “. 

The day started nice and in talk with Papa – we are in a situation where Mummy wants to come back to her place. It’s been long and only two best thing is getting food on time and visitong parks.  Papa has requested my sister to drop Mummy in end of January.  I was hoping my eldest brother should have taken Mummy to his place but believe his spouse is not approving it as they have their own problem at home. Talking of problem who does have problems. I believe the worst enemy of woman is another woman. I know GOD has some plans and I have full faith on GOD. 

Moving on, well because of light snow – traffic was moving very slow in the evening. It took longer time and did grocery on my way home that added extra time. 

Home was good and topic of tonight with kids was what other countries citizens reads in their school for example Killing of Mocking bird by Harper Lee in US. In China they read Analects by Confucius and Russia its War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. The author has nicely explained by saying two things – 1. What’s it about and 2 . Why it’s taught.  

We will check some of them in library in coming days. Taking of library we had plans and we could not make it reason could be snow or actually it is snow. 


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