The Letter M

Today it’s all been about letter M and they are not in any particular sequence: 

Monkey Mind: Saw a video post in Facebook how monkey mind keeps providing opinions to us and how to get rid of it in a simple way and that’s my second M. 

Meditation: The Buddhist monk says meditation is not sitting in one place for hours together. It’s about meditating for a minute or two while taking coffee or sitting in a meeting room when our monkey mind keep bothering us by influx of opinions. To get rid of monkey is to do a short term meditation by watching your breathe by taking in and taking out. It does helps to ease your mind. This type of short meditation is key. The other is walk many miles and that’s my third M. 

Miles: Walking many miles can be free therapy to body and mind. Also, if it’s outside you get fresh air and scenic view. If it’s inside you can listen to your favorite music or watch movie. The four M is movie. 

Movie:  Today, I watched  Money Monster Movie while walking six miles in 90 minutes. The catch line from this movie is, ” You are just a stockholder not a genius”. Stop telling people you made money because you are …, you are not. 

Muscle: While working on muscle saw the clip on TV about raising a child in US is $233 K. If the kids don’t get a job in US after getting educated what would happen to future generation reason by the time they have kids cost would be multifold. 








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