Can’t we make some Profit? 

These days I am visiting lots of dealer simple reason I am trying to buy a car new, certified or used. New car no brainer as manufacturer pays to stay in the dealers lot and for other cars there is a cost if it stays in the dealer lot for more days to the dealers. 

Today, it happened so the sales guy told me the price is right and he added they need to make profit reason they clean the car and make sure it’s in good condition. I agreed to his point and told there is a price in my mind and he said if it’s in 100 or 200 less it can work out. I mentioned let me think over it and get back to you tomorrow.

The car looked good and has been kept nicely and there is 60 days warranty as well. I have a price in mind and if it works it works or else there is always another car. 

Beside cars learned the magic of three for example last night President was using this and people will always remember for example – America is the greatest nation, People are hard working and all other countries respect us. 

When communicating make it three and talking of three – Yoga says it comes with practice, you may be able to do in 6 months or you make need 6 life to make it perfect. Yoga clears the cloud around your mind and makes you respond. Respond not react is the mantra. 

Last but not least, there was homemade muffin in office kitchen with an instruction – Muffim with walnut ( to reflect if someone is allergy to walnut should not take it), warm it and enjoy. This is also power of three with completeness. 


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