To book or not to book! 

Back in old days when the demand was more and less supply – people had to book automobiles. It was a very common practice. I never thought I will have to do the same thing for car which will be delivered by end of this year. 

As some of you would be aware that I have been talking about getting a car. Since, last few weeks or even a month I have been trying different cars. There was one car which I was almost to buy but when called home for approval, it went into a different direction. The deal was dropped. 

The monkey Mind of me in between kept giving opinions to buy this car or that car. I used to breathe and control my thoughts in a right directions. 

Today, it so happened a good thought came and took me to a Tesla web site to see if they are still taking booking for their latest model and answer seemed to be affirmative. After that it was just a quick form filling with a credit card information and a confirmation email delivered in the Inbox stating – we received your money and your order of fully electric car made in USA will be delivered by end of the year 2017. 


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