The title can be summed up in the photo below. 

What is Dream and most important when do we use it. I believe three times at minimum in a day. 

1. Dream is the word which we at least use once after waking up every day – was it a dream. 

2. Dream of it we say to our friends , family or to self and either we let it figure out themselves or provide the How part to achieve it. 

3. And in night we tell our close ones – Good Night and Sweet Dreams. 

Two out of three Dreams which we talked earlier is natural and Dream which Walt Disney is talking about and made it true is by visioning it, working towards it, meeting failures, learning from failures, setting up sub goals, talking helps from friends and family. 

Today, so many people are benefiting from the dream once Walt Disney had – animated movie, and the theme park. The park has been replicated to so many parts of the World. It’s a great place of vacations for family and friends. I have visited the place once when work took and yet to take my family. 

Well, my dream is five fold and it’s kind of folded around family – taking care of aging parents, happy in life by providing support to family to have great life, physical, mental and spiritual well being of self, seeing the world, and enough saving for grand kids educations.  

The other dream is to be famous by writing a book which gets to be read in different languages in the World. 



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