I also want to start running 

Today, two people told me – I want to start running. One because of me and another from the article about Marathon runner appointed new Chairman of a very big company. 

I told them I have a mantra or two of smooth running which recently read in the book. As they are inpressed by running, I got inspired by a 98 years old yogi practitioners who has been teaching for last 75 years. I want to be like her and lesson learned today from the article is about unification of breathing with the ashana they do and I have started implementing with my run. It’s a matter of practice. 

The last, before going for Sundarkand we watched the movie Race which is based on a true story of Jesse Owen who won 4 Olympic gold in 1936 Berlin. What an attitude this guy has even going through so much of descrimination in those days he kept his composition. 

Desire, unification and composition is what makes life more meaningful. Thank You GOD for everything! 





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