Easy Walk Leads To Easy Run 

Sunday is a day for relaxing, domestic work, and worshiping. Since, all of above happened on Saturday so thought would walk in my morning as afternoon was planned for birthday celebration. 

In the morning went to Gym and started walking on the treadmill. Also, utilized routine talking over phone while walking. Both talk and walk finished by 30 minutes. 

Now, there was enough time so wanted to run with more focus on breathing. The first half hour was good run with good breathing and then felt can go more and increased the time. In one hour completed easy 6 miles. Thus total distance of eight miles was a big accomplishment. 

The other goal few days back I set of doing three sets of 10 push-ups for 3 months and 3 sets of plank of 60 seconds. This was done in total 10 minutes. Ended the day activities by eating one banana. That really helped. 

Afternoon was 60 miles drive to celebrate dual birthday. 

The smoothie bar really raised the bar in the birthday party followed by Chinese food, cake and Tea. 

There were some photographs clicked by new lens. One example is below:  

That’s all for the day no wait a minute – saw a movie Kids Spy 2 from the Library site and then kids felt hungry.  It was unplanned  dinner  because of movie watching so in that case they had to eat frozen paratha. I guess sometime that’s also fun. 

Blogging off for today. 


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