On This Day 

There is one thing which interest me everyday and its, “On This Day” on Facebook. As most of you would be knowing who has been in Facebook for atleast a year, everyday Facebook will remind you what you posted on this day year back or two or many years back. 

Today on 17 January of last year – On this day I had posted a picture which has a caption, ” Never too late to be Inspired”. This talks about people who started late in their life at forty seven of age or older and became  well known and famous person. They opened a company which is now a renowned brand  – Starbucks,  Costco, IBM, Porsche, McDonalds, and KFC. To see more like their name and age please see the picture below:  

The message of ‘On This Day’ is very loud and clear. If any of us who has not reach the age mentioned or mentioned and still not made our dreams come true – keep working towards it. 

Shift your thoughts and actions is ‘how’ part which will help and enable towards your Goal. 

Wishing all of us a Good Luck and work towards our goal to make our Dreams come true. A special thanks to all who opened company from age 47 to 62. The before 47 and after 62 is wide open to be added in the photo, ” Never too late to be inspired”. 










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