Three Questions…

In a day we ask so many questions and today I am going to write about three…

At lunch: What does your fortune cookie say?

Look for the dream that keeps coming to you.

It’s not the dream which we see in the night. It’s the dream which one keep looking for the future state.

Well, the action is key to the right strategy, a road map to reach from current state to the dream state.

At Library: How much is the charge for the Gym per month to the customer service?

Now, many of you will be thinking why Gym question in the library. Well, if you show Library card you get a discount on a gym membership.

Her answer: It’s interesting you asked me and I did not look at per month membership when I joined. The only thought I had then if my girlfriend can pay so can I. If I would not have continued for two years my initial cost would have been very expensive.

We both agreed when it comes to money – money matters not what other can pay.

At Home we took out tree today: Kudos to me, ” How many days we had Christmas Tree?

Me: No brainer let me check the Facebook. Exactly one month.

Well, Shannon Alder once said – Life is as simple as these three questions: What do I want? Why do I want it? And, how will I achieve it?




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