No to Medical and Yes to Meditation 

If you are friends or family members connected with me in Facebook, you will get the title, ” No to medical and yes to meditation”. There is video I posted. 

Don’t take me wrong both are equally important – Medicine and Meditation. 

Well, this is a story of Mamata whose parents  were doing two things even before she was born – practicing medicine and raja yoga meditation. She has been seeing both everyday in her life while growing up. 

At age five, she declared she would do Medicine. The decision was also influenced by her parents. At college  she took Medical Science to become a Doctor. After few semesters, she decided it’s not meant for her. Just like any teenager she tried few other majors and finally took Health Science.  

The story of her is not as simple as changing from one  major to another. There was lot of stress, anxiety and all this she managed by starting practicing Raja Yoga Meditation. 

Raja Yoga Meditation, she learned by watching her parents and attending boot camps. This shows kids learn by observing what goes at home. Lesson learned for parents – set up a good example. 

Mamata is a very successful and has been invited to speak at many places about her life and benefits of meditation. The three key take away from her TED talk: 

1. Mind loves distraction so bring it to peace by eliminating all noise atleast twice a day. Meditation helps. Some meditation can be short, some may be an hour long. Every one struggles in beginning and things fall in place with practice. 

2. Excerise helps body which is part muscle. And

3. Unify mind and body to live in present. That is a gift to self and everyone. 



2 thoughts on “No to Medical and Yes to Meditation 

  1. Nice reminder! Thank you for posting it. BTW: You have a couple of placeholder texts on your page like these: ‘This is a text widget, which allows you to add text or HTML to your sidebar. […]’ I’ve seen them on your homepage and here I see them at the bottom of the page. BTW: how did you add the ‘related posts’ section under your blog post? It looks good!

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