Aisle No 45

I had to pick three things from a store. Time being a constraint, I let go my men ego that I know everything or will figure it out. I asked the General Manager about it. She mentioned all of those are very special to our store and we have it in Aisle No 45. 

It took we some time to walk and to reach Aisle No 45.  Talking of walk this is something we all can do it but if it’s a long walk the end feeling could be exhaustive or enthusiastic. There is saying we all know – If you talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk. 

In my case it was exhaustive and it transformed into enthusiastic when the clerk treated me with the Tea with a smile.  I believe Sugar was the missing part and hence the Tea with Sugar did all the magic. 

This tea is made here and will sure get you to think fast and get you out of here in no time to do other things planned for your day. 

On this I said you seems to be like a daily horoscope who knows what my day is going to be like. He added why today, I can tell you for 4 years . Interesting and I added not that I am going to remember all, so will draft tonight so please go ahead – 

1. The west shore will work in Innovation and will get IOT in our life from Auto to Appliance. 

2. The pure water coast in Midwest will have more Manufacturing plants. The kids born in Detroit will see the same name of Detroit what his/her great grandparents saw once as World Capital of Auto. 

3. The east coast will have Financial responsibility to make everyone affluent enough to have good life in the land of opportunity. No subprime or bubbles. And, 

4. Down south people after working hard all their life can go for retire life. They will be soaking under the Sun and Surf on Internet oops Surf on Waves. 

I picked my three stuff – picking did not take long just all the talk . In no time I was at Self CheckOut. I was thinking now this also I have to do it. 

Where is all the cashiers? They should be called back – life is not all about transaction. I want to see more smiling faces and they asking – Did you find all what you were looking for and at the end greet – Have a nice rest of the Day. 

What else? Congratulations to 45th President of US of A. Congrats Mr. President. 


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