Unplanned (outside) Run 

Winter is harsh, cold and  white in Chicago. Today, we got summer like weather and everything planned got dropped for unplanned events atleast for me for 90 plus minutes. 

It all started by looking at the temp in the backyard. I thought something is wrong with it and then went out to do two things – 1. To look closely and 2. Take a picture. 

Got dressed for the run with a message, ” Gotta Run”. The initial plan of unplanned run was 60 minutes. 

In the middle of Run, I am trying to find the solution of my Mummy to be taken from my brothers house to my Dads house. This is to be done two primary reason 1. There is an exam preparation and 2. It’s been long stay. I believe the assurance it ask that someone should be 24by7 at our place. We have someone working and as the person goes to school – the attendance at our home is not consistent. Papa can manage and Mummy needs more assistance because of her health. Mummy health has  improved and she being people person need more loving people at home. 

Did I get the solution- If someone take her and make sure we have assurance from helping hands things will be alright. I can at most take a week off and other plan is to get her in Chicago at summer time. 

Well all thoughts were revoled around parents. Time for actions. 

Now, from my run from 6 miles increased the goal to 9 and then extended to 10. 

They say there is solutions for all and I will still think about the better one. Till now, above seems to be working one. 


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