The Day in the life of Day Off

Today for some of us have had day off because of Martin Luther King Jr Birthday who became famous for many reasons and most known or asked in Quiz or taught from his  speech or speech which made him famous, ” I have a dream.”  

Getting a day off when all other offices are closed make more sense.  I believe it still does make sense reason you are in off mode and still working and having good time with family at home. 

Here is an outline of day in the life of Day off. At high level – going to gym, work from home to support client, UK, India; Read the book on The Feel Rich Project, Watched movie The Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and cooked some snacks for the week. 

The most important read for today  from the Index of a book are: 1. Financial Fitness Forever, 2. Shifts in Thoughts and Shift in Action or combined as Shift in Thoughts and Action, 3. Want VS Need ( Maslow’s Hiearachy of Needs). To be read. 

All the above three points I revisited again and by re reading comprehend enough to write here and plans are to re re-read again to make it like a poster which keeps you reminding and keep everything on track. The closing line if you keep wanting things you will be always in a survival mode. This keep wanting comes from each of us from our childhood where we keep telling our parents – I want this, I want that and then as we age to adulthood may be some of the things which our parents could not see the value in our wants – we keep doing it. Two things will help one further reading on Hierarchy of Needs and second the discipline. 

Talking of discipline – The fun part of today of course the exercise 45 minutes with mandatory plank and push-ups. The second part watching a moving – The big fat Greek Wedding 2. Its a good comedy movie on importance of marriage, family and also with a subtle message to balance life. The wife tells her husband to ask his parents if they need help. This came strong in a movie as wife who is very dedicated to her side of family. 

Also lastly cooked some snacks and did few minutes of meditation and yoga while making the snacks. It came out delicious. 

Conclusion: The day in a life should have one’s control not others. Shift your thoughts and actions towards more meaningful. 


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