2 in 7 Billion 

Today on my marriage anniversary trying to write  and following comes out. 

7 Billion

There is 7 Billion people in the World and question which come to my mind, ” Is why do we get married to a particular person? ” . Well, I am not an expert to answer this question and I must say blessed to have a person in my life. 

(They say) Marriages are made in Heaven 

I believe it’s true and if I say it’s not then I don’t have enough data to convert into information and enough information to call it a knowledge and not enough knowledge to have wisdom. I say marriages are made in heaven or how else in 7 Billion people why you have one for you. 

What is MARRIAGE? 

Two people from two different backgrounds are coming together and for some it works quick and for some it takes it own sweet time. There is no cook book but where there is a will there is a MARRIAGE and it stands for ( I said I am not expert and I am going to give a try for this article)

M – Mindful. Be mindful because Two I’s convert into We!

A – Adjust:  Adjust to each other needs. We come from two different families. 

R – Respect: Respect each other and each other views. 

R – Ritual:  Ritual of exercise, reading and prayers together 

I – Idealism:  Achieving idealism based on common believes. 

A- Accolade:  Accolades each other success. Take time to celebrate. 

G – GOD: Seek GOD blessing and direction. There is ups and downs in any relationship. 

E – Enjoy: Enjoy life together and each other families as we are blessed to be born as human. 

I believe that’s what MARRIAGE about and Anniversary is a check point.  



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