Having a firm or fixed purpose; or manifestation a firm resolution( Source: Dictionary)


One of the word which helped me to do my first Marathon is Determination. Today, my Untold Story about my First Marathon is shared and read beyond Facebook, LinkedIn and Intranet. Few days back they asked if I would be interested to get my story published in I Love to run. I had to fill the form and share my Bio in brief(BIB) . The bio did surprise many of us in Facebook. I did not know Determination has dividend too and it paid it in four kind of admiration so far – Likes, Love, WOW and shared. 

An year ago, today  it happened to be another personal record (PR)  and Facebook reminded that I had run 7.3 miles in 60 minutes. I totally forgot about it and it was a real surprise for me. It’s a promise to self be determined and things are bound to happen. 

Picture from last year :Every PR has a sweat side. 

Cheers and Good Luck to one’s determination and ending this what Ralph Waldo Emerson said, ” Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen”.  

Got Determination? 


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