Lohri and Raj 

Lohri  is the Punjabis’ cultural celebration on the eve of winter solstice celebrated on the 13th day of January.People gather round the bonfires, throw sweets, puffed rice and popcorn into the flames, sing popular songs and exchange greetings.

Raj – Who I worked for couple of years in the previous company for a common client. 

Taxi medallion – In city to drive Taxi one has to have medallion. Not an easy to get. 


Today, we have gone to a Lohri functions invited by our friends whose daughter was performing. Here in America festivals are celebrated over weekends and the theme is same to bring the festive vibe. 

Photo: Inpromptu Dance Competition. 

The main attraction was of course the stage where everyone was performing on Bollywood movies songs, stalls to showcase/sell clothes, artificial jewelry, yoga-meditation organization, and food stall. Everything was for sale except Yoga and Meditation stall information with free food box containing popcorn, dates and ladoo. 

I was trying to get more information on their way of Yoga as this year my goal is to learn Yoga. 

While, I was about to go heard my name – Sunil how you been this is Raj. I recognized his face  as we have worked together for a common client. 

Would I have remember his name that would be questionable for a moment. One thing which he wears on his right hand I will always remember reason there is a story of hardship of his father who came and drove Taxi in early days. He wears  taxi medallion bracelet even though things are different. All his siblings are very educated and well settled. 

We did talk few minutes about new since we last met many years ago. He added thanks to LinkedIn update of mine for which he could read my running story during break time. Personally happy to see the change in me. 


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