Class, The First. 

The destination for all passengers are same and 16 gets more comfort, pampered and treated by their Mr/Mrs/Ms the Last Name.

This is not my first but I am writing about it the first time. As soon you enter the flight, they take your jacket and offer you water. Water is considered very ‘Welcoming’ and I have seen from my childhood when a guest arrives we offer them water.

Once the flight takes off we are offered warm hand towel. This sets you or resets you, the way you want to look at it.

The warm nuts with red wine are up to one’s choice. This really brings warmth and spirit to oneness. I would not suggest the second round of any of this reason it’s all measured for one’s wellness.

The fourth is the main course and the quantity is just right and well thought of protein, fat, and carbs. While going I had spaghetti with shrimp on the side and this time chicken with rice. It’s was very delicious.

On desserts, they had cheesecake ice cream.

And last, to finish I had black coffee.

Food is definitely very rich and sufficient for a 4 plus our flight and the only prerequisite is avoid lunch if you are boarding first class.

This Class, also proves what we read in Computer Class – FIFO and no upgrade for answering. It’s First In and First Out. The benefit of it is multifold and for this, I am going to give two and they are a. You settle done and utilize your time efficiently at the time of boarding. b. You deplane first avoiding the masses.

Signing off from 32000 Feet!


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