31 Days, The End of 

January is a month of making a promise to Self and it’s called Resolution(s). I have personally seen if your ‘promise to self’ stays till 31 days it’s likely to be with you until 365 days. Check it for yourself.

The resolution has three key ingredients and they are simply or as simple as ABC or 123.

1. Goal: It’s an Aspiration, for example, wants to run 1000 KM in a Year.

2. SubGoal: Year looks a lot of time and so is the Goal. We have to have a manageable plan. So make a month goal and  Mathematically, 84 KM a month. Sound simple!

3. Checks and Balances: Start of the month, 15th of the month and 31st of the month or end of the month where we don’t have 31 days – Check if results meeting the sub goal and eventually the Goal.

We all got ABC of Resolution and its Ability, Break, and Courage. By reading an update of friends and family in social media and fitness apps, I see many of you are on track.

Congrats and all the best for 83.33% of remaining days of 2017. Don’t stop, you may take a break but finish up. It’s simple as it sounds!


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