Happy February 

February is a short, sweetest and one of the most misspelled month. The third point would not be anymore and we will come to it in a moment.

Short – Twenty Eight days every three years and on the fourth year it leaps to Twenty Nine. Being a first-day of the month paying the bill comes to my mind. One still has to pay the same amount of school fees, mortgage, rent etc unlike any other month and the flip side of the coin the same amount of salary for lesser work days. It balances out.

Sweet: The half way of the month is Valentine’s Day where one celebrates the love to their family, friends or someone special and/or all the above. Some say, the true meaning has faded and more commercial part has come to it.I would not fully agree with it, as long as appreciation for love and life still holds – it’s fair.

Misspelled: In a good old era of writing with pen or pencil or I would say B.A.C (before auto-correction) February was most misspelled, I remember making misspelling in my elementary school days.

Now, what’s special about Day 32 of 2017 and a quiz? I am sure you would find it interesting.

This year on the first day of February, it happens to be Basant Panchami where Goddess Saraswati is worshiped for bestowing the blessing of Knowledge and Wisdom. The other important day is 24th February were a lot of people would do fasting for Maha Shivarathri and I would be one of them.

Now, here is a quiz for the reader – Who said, ” Knowledge is Power”.

Well, the answer is – Sir Francis Bacon was the first person attributed to the phrase “Knowledge is Power’. It dates back to 1597 when he published the maxim in his book, “Meditationes Sacrae and Human Philosophy’.

I am going to check on Sir Francis Bacon book, meantime if any of your readers have read please share your thoughts!


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