Dictionary says  Overwhelming (adj) that overwhelms; overpowering: The temptation to despair may become overwhelming.

When it comes to a choice, there is so many available which makes us ‘Overwhelming’ by all the options which are thrown upon us. I was in WordPress reading and got this #postaday word called ‘Overwhelming”. This comes handy in a literal sense, a good directional help, and flashback moment.

On the First Friday of February of 2017, the word Overwhelming is taking me back to 20 years. The year was 1997 and I was talking to my friend using a public phone from the railway stations and my friend mentioned the day has been very long and used the word Overwhelming.I could relate to it from the context, still, I wrote it on a piece of paper and saw the meaning of Overwhelming when I reached home. If you would have observed I used the dictionary help to state what it means in the beginning just to connect to past for a moment. 

Fast Forward: Last night, I had many extra hours of work and this morning things were in place but overwhelmed physically and emotionally. I wanted to continue my First Friday of February fresh and not buried from the outcome of Overwhelmed Thursday, so made a plan to run and run to plan. That 5K hard run was really overwhelming and what it helped made my days as easy as this writing.

Jim George said, “Even when the odds are overwhelming, you can believe in God and His promises.” I totally believe what Jim has said. Believing in GOD and Faith anchors us from going in all different directions.  It helps in focusing at present and that’s our gift as:

  1. we can not change our Past by thinking about it
  2. by worrying we can not do anything about our future

Future is big and we need plans and actions to get there one at a time. Don’t trap Overwhelming you, you make you!



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